Students can download the free 2D/3D CAD software quickly and easily

Cambridge, UK and Pittsford, NY – 3 December 2015: CAD Schroer wants to use its 2D/3D CAD software MEDUSA4 Personal to support the training of tomorrow’s technicians and engineers, and is offering school pupils and college students the chance to work with a modern 2D/3D CAD package and turn their ideas and conceptual models into real products.

MEDUSA4 Personal: A free CAD package for pupils and students
Professional student version from CAD Schroer

Practical preparation for an engineering career

MEDUSA4 Personal offers school pupils and college students a professional 2D/3D CAD package for free. Anyone attending a school or university is eligible, regardless of the school subject/discipline. Pupils and students can download the free 2D/3D CAD software provided by MEDUSA4 Personal quickly and easily, and start using the package immediately without any restrictions. The free package is available for students from the CAD Schroer website and offers the same functionality as the commercial version of MEDUSA4 used by professionals worldwide. MEDUSA4 Personal offers a solid and realistic preparation for an engineering career, since it grants pupils and students full and unrestricted use of a wide choice of engineering design tools and add-on modules.

Support for pupils and students

The CAD Schroer website offers a series of FAQs (frequently-asked questions) and a programme of free online tutorials. The MEDUSA4 Personal Help Centre offers support for any queries about installing, downloading or working with the software. Individual questions can also be discussed with other users in the MEDUSA4 Forum.

Practical preparation for an engineering career with professional CAD software

Professional CAD Software

The student version of MEDUSA4 offers almost the complete function set from the professional software package. This includes powerful functions such as basic 3D, parametric design, colour image integration and sheet metal design. MEDUSA4 Personal is used by pupils and students at a wide variety of universities and schools around the world. Michael Schroer: “We want to give pupils and students the best chance for a successful future by offering them hands-on experience with a professional CAD software package.”

MEDUSA4 Personal Help Centre


Download: MEDUSA4 Personal – free CAD solution for students and school pupils