Mariani chooses M4 PLANT for 2D to 3D packaging line design

The leading food and pharma packaging systems expert is deploying CAD Schroer’s M4 PLANT Factory Layout software and the PDC data management environment to flexibly design diverse customer facilities

„Wir freuen uns sehr, Mariani als neuen Kunden willkommen zu heißen,” so Marco Destefani von CAD Schroer. Mariani ist ein Anbieter von Verpackungsanlagen und wählt M4 PLANT auf Grund der Flexibilität der Software und der technischen Kompetenz von CAD Schroer.

Mariani delivers food & pharma packaging systems
M4 PLANT delivers 3D packaging plant walk-throughs

2D to 3D packaging line design

Packaging machinery and turnkey systems provider Mariani exports its solutions to 45 countries, building turnkey lines for some of the world’s best known brands. Mariani recently purchased CAD Schroer’s M4 PLANT Factory Layout Plus package, including the Mechanical Handling catalog for conveyor design. The deal also includes licenses for the PDC engineering content management environment and the 3D Component Designer tool. Mariana has signed a long-term software support and maintenance contract, which includes all software updates and revisions, online and telephone support, and individual guidance.

M4 PLANT Factory Layout video
PDC video

Parametric Catalog Components

“Flexibility and customer focus are key to our continued growth,” Marcello Zanella, Layout Manager at Mariani. “We chose M4 PLANT for three reasons: Firstly, it was the only package that offered the full variety of tools we needed within a single software suite. This includes integrated 2D/3D layout design and the ability to design our own parametric catalog components. Secondly, it is easy to manage and administrate, running on standard hardware without any special memory requirements. Finally, its supplier values long-term relationships as much as we do: CAD Schroer provides the tools and knowledge that allow us to use the software in a way that best suits each customer, and welcomes input into future developments.”

Integrated 2D/3D factory design with M4 PLANT

2D or 3D to Suit

Mariani will import ca. 50,000 existing CAD drawings into M4 PLANT’s 2D drafting environment through a very accurate DXF/DWG interface. All engineering data will then be managed by CAD Schroer’s data management software. With M4 PLANT  Factory Layout users can start in 2D with building layouts, then switch to 3D to quickly route conveyors, pipes etc. from the catalogs provided, returning to 2D as required. Individual Mariani 3D machinery models will be incorporated in the layouts via the STEP interface, providing very accurate results.

Marcello Zanella adds, “M4 PLANT will allow us to work flexibly in 2D or 3D, based on individual customer requirements and the size of each project.” CAD Schroer’s Marco Destefani concludes, “We thank Mariani for the trust placed in us and look forward to a close technical partnership for years to come.”

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