Parametric design configuration included in free CAD software

Configure and generate designs parametrically without programming expertise with M4 PERSONAL

The components that make up an assembly often vary from order to order. This necessitates the redesign of components to suit your customer’s requirements. This can often result in costly errors and delays.
M4 Personal for advanced design configuration

Precise design – fewer rejects

With the free M4 PERSONAL cad software, designs can be accurately laid out and variations easily generated, ensuring that your assemblies always fit together right first time.

M4 Personal offers a range of parametric functions

Designing components parametrically

Components can be modified simply by changing the value of the associated dimensions. Where frequent adjustments are required, the parametric capabilities of M4 PERSONAL can be used to configure and automatically generate new design drawings.

Creating your own design configurator

With M4 Personal there are three steps to creating a configurable design:

  1. First, you create a base design drawing complete with dimensions.
  2. Second, you apply dimensional parametrization to automatically adjust the design to the required size. The required sizes are entered via a simple dialogue box which lists the design dimensions.
  3. Lastly, if required, you can generate a 3D model of the design.

Through the use of parameterization and 3D modelling, M4 PERSONAL becomes a design configurator enabling you to rapidly generate new design variants simply by entering key design criteria. This leads to substantial time savings in the design process and faster order turnaround.

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