CAD standardised-part library for even faster design

The MEDUSA4 MEDParts module is an integrated CAD standardised-part library and offers a great number of standardised parts for machine, pipework and steel construction design. The library offers a great number of standards from the sectors involving bolts, nuts, washers, pins, roller bearings, countersinking, bores, screw threads, free penetrations, securing elements, flanges, seals, pipe parts, steel profiles and many more standard components. The module is included in the MEDUSA4 Premium package with 50 DIN/EN/ISO standard series and approx. 35,000 standard parts. In addition, the module can be extended to 250 standard series in total, with approx. 150,000 standard parts.

Offers a great number of standardised parts for machine, pipework and steel construction design
Standard CAD Parts Library – MEDUSA4 MEDParts

Dynamic placement and adaptation

Individual CAD standardised parts can be simply selected with MEDSA4 MEDParts over the intuitive user interface. The matching dimensions can be selected by menu or determined automatically by the selection of the target geometry. The software then automatically offers the nearest matching component. When placing a component, it can be decided therefore simply integrated into an existing group. In this way, the group structure of a drawing is preserved and thus the loaded-in CAD standardised part is unambiguously allocated to a component part.

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