The Windchill Workgroup Manager for MEDUSA4, developed in partnership with PTC, provides tight integration between MEDUSA4 and the latest version of Windchill PDMLink. By managing all your engineering data in a single, controlled environment across your entire organisation, you can optimise your product development process, increasing quality while decreasing design times.

The Windchill Workgroup Manager for MEDUSA4 is based on the same interface technology and provides the same look and feel as other PTC Windchill Workgroup products.

It allows you to search for MEDUSA4 sheets, request drawings for editing, and return edited sheets via check-in or update into the central storage area.

You can integrate chosen Windchill PDMLink attributes with your MEDUSA4 sheet headers, and edit master parts information when storing sheets, with bi-directional auto update. Associations between parts and sheets can be edited and updated individually.

Access to Windchill PDMLink functionality from a dedicated tooltray in MEDUSA4

Global Collaboration

Because Windchill PDMLink is a Web-based system, this integration allows you to manage your MEDUSA4 designs remotely via standard Internet technology, ideal for today’s global businesses and extended supply chains. Designers working concurrently can gain access to all project-related information managed in Windchill.

Consistently High Data Quality

The integration allows you to achieve a consistent standard of information for drawings and documents from multiple systems across the whole company, due to centralised storage of all MEDUSA4 sheets, released or in process, in Windchill PDMLink. Users can track and control the drawing modification process through revision options and “freezing” of released sheets.

The Windchill Workgroup Manager for MEDUSA4 provides the same look and feel as other PTC Workgroup Managers

Companies gain centralized control over project-specific test and release processes with access to accurate and current information at any time, as well as to version histories for complete traceability. The system allows organisations to standardise design processes across projects and applications.

Decreased Design Times

The Windchill Workgroup Manager for MEDUSA4 improves productivity by making it easy to retrieve and reuse design data directly from within MEDUSA4 without cumbersome data management processes, as these are handled in the background by Windchill PDMLink.

For more technical highlights please see the datasheet:

PTC Windchill Workgroup Manager for MEDUSA4

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