Load and scale multiple models

M4 VIRTUAL REVIEW enables you to load multiple FBX format models and view them simultaneously in Virtual Reality (VR). The scaling of the models can be individually set for each model.

Model structure recognition

When loading models, M4 VIRTUAL REVIEW automatically recognises the model structure. This allows you interact with models in Virtual Reality, e.g. you can hide individual parts of a model.

Hide, move or rotate model parts

M4 VIRTUAL REVIEW has the capability to hide, move or rotate individual parts of a model in virtual reality. The model can be reset back to its original state at any time.

Walk through a model

M4 VIRTUAL REVIEW enables you to walk freely through a model in Virtual Reality. With the help of a teleport beam, you can also quickly jump to specific positions in the model. Of course, you can also turn, look around, and move naturally within the model when using VR glasses.

Flight mode

With the integrated flight mode, you can fly freely through a model to view all areas of the model in detail. A key advantage of this mode is that you can fly through model surfaces, e.g. to view a machine from the inside.

Save positions in the model

While viewing a model, individual positions can be saved. This allows points of interest to be quickly recalled during a presentation. This is an invaluable time-saving advantage for very large models, such as large factories or plants.

Showing and hiding artificial floors

M4 VIRTUAL REVIEW has an artificial floor that can be automatically displayed in Virtual Reality. This enables the placement and viewing of machinery and other CAD models in a room without having to first model the floor. It also aids navigation when teleporting from one place to another.