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New: Save projects

With version 2.0, i4 VIRTUAL REVIEW offers the option to save the entire Virtual Reality (VR) scene. The position and scale of each model in the scene are saved into a project file. The project file can be subsequently loaded to restore the model position and scale settings. This enables the user to create and view very complex VR scenes.

New: Insert cutting planes

The new version of i4 VIRTUAL REVIEW allows the insertion of cutting planes in virtual reality (VR). Similar to a sectional view in a 2D drawing, the cutting plane is used in VR to display hidden details inside a 3D model. Thanks to this new functionality, the user can now use their VR controller to insert a cutting plane to get a clear, unobstructed view inside a model. During meetings or presentations, this is highly useful for displaying and highlighting product details such as hidden parts, mechanisms and internal contours more easily.

New: Display overview map

With version 2.0, i4 VIRTUAL REVIEW allows the display of an overview map. The map shows a live plan view of the entire VR scene including the user’s current position. The user can teleport to another position simply by clicking on the map. Thus the VR Viewer now offers a much better overview of the VR environment. Even in very large VR scenes the user’s position can be quickly determined and changed.

New: Units of measurement in Metric or Imperial

With version 2.0, different units of measurement can be used. Now you can choose to measure distances in the VR environment in either centimetres or inches. This enhancement enables easier communication of project data on an international level. Users in different locations can also view the same design data in their native units of measurement. The measured distances are automatically converted to the required units after selecting the unit of measurement.

Load and scale multiple models

i4 VIRTUAL REVIEW enables you to load multiple FBX format models and view them simultaneously in Virtual Reality (VR). The scaling of the models can be individually set for each model.

Walk through a model

i4 VIRTUAL REVIEW enables you to walk freely through a model in Virtual Reality. With the help of a teleport beam, you can also quickly jump to specific positions in the model. Of course, you can also turn, look around, and move naturally within the model when using VR glasses.

Display of head height

In order to provide as realistic an experience as possible, the VR environment must be able to adapt very closely to the physical size of the user. An unrealistic head height is by itself sufficient to ruin the immersive experience. In i4 VIRTUAL REVIEW, a teleporter is used in VR to quickly navigate from place to place, or to jump to a previously marked location. In the new version, the teleporter graphics have been supplemented by a sphere at a specified head height. This enables the user to easily compare, at any time, the height of items in the scene with their own height, or another height of interest.

Flight mode

With the integrated flight mode, you can fly freely through a model to view all areas of the model in detail. A key advantage of this mode is that you can fly through model surfaces, e.g. to view a machine from the inside.

Move tool optimized

The Move tool is one of the most important tools in i4 VIRTUAL REVIEW. It is used whenever you want to move, rotate or hide something. In the new version, the Move tool has been enhanced. Models can now be moved directly in VR either freely or by a given distance. Similarly, a model can be rotated by a specified angle. The distances and angles can be freely adjusted. The hierarchy of the model is also taken into account when moving, so that you can choose to move only a part of the model, or move the entire model.

Measurement tool

When reviewing a design in VR it is very useful to be able to measure the distance between individual objects. With the new measurement tool in i4 VIRTUAL REVIEW, the distances between several points can be measured in VR. The system assists the user by aligning dimensions with the edges of the model or the XYZ axes. Individual dimensions can be displayed in metres or millimetres.

Add mark-up in VR

The new version of i4 VIRTUAL REVIEW now includes a mark-up tool. With this tool, notes and sketches can be drawn directly in VR. When using VR glasses the virtual environment effectively becomes a huge sketchpad. The mark-up tool provides a completely new way to review and provide feedback on designs by making it possible to annotate them directly with notes and sketches. The user draws lines of varying thickness using a marker pen in VR. In addition, the user can choose the line colour. Any mark-up is saved with the model and displayed the next time the model is viewed. An eraser is also provided to delete individual lines or entire sketches.

Take screenshots of the VR scene

Capturing a scene in VR and saving it is an excellent way to document concepts and proposals developed in VR. With the new screenshot tool in i4 VIRTUAL REVIEW this is now entirely possible. In VR, the user simply takes pictures of the currently scene using a virtual camera. The pictures are then saved to disk as image files and can be subsequently used for documentation, or even sales and marketing purposes.

Save positions in the model

While viewing a model, individual positions can be saved. This allows points of interest to be quickly recalled during a presentation. This is an invaluable time-saving advantage for very large models, such as large factories or plants.

Model structure recognition

When loading models, i4 VIRTUAL REVIEW automatically recognises the model structure. This allows you interact with models in Virtual Reality, e.g. you can hide individual parts of a model.

Texture support

The use of textures offers many possibilities for the design of a realistic 3D model. With the new version of i4 VIRTUAL REVIEW, textured models can be loaded into VR. This means that individual scenes and models can now be visualised even more realistically, further enhancing the immersive experience.

Showing and hiding artificial floors

i4 VIRTUAL REVIEW has an artificial floor that can be automatically displayed in Virtual Reality. This enables the placement and viewing of machinery and other CAD models in a room without having to first model the floor. It also aids navigation when teleporting from one place to another.

STEP to FBX converter with model simplification

CAD Schroer now offers a STEP to FBX converter for models in STEP file format. This includes the option of simplifying STEP models before automatically converting them to FBX format. The degree of simplification can be individually specified. This solution allows even very large 3D CAD models to be converted to a high-performance format ready for loading into VR. The converter can also simplify and convert several STEP models at the same time. The converter is available separately as optional extra.

New: HTC Vive® and Steam® Support

i4 VIRTUAL REVIEW version 2.0 adds support for HTC Vive® VR glasses, and is now based on the Steam® platform. As an industry standard, the Steam® platform provides considerable benefits for industrial applications, and paves the way for an even wider choice of VR glasses in future.

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