M4 DRAFTING Smart-Drafting Tool

The Intelligent Way to Create Geometry

The smart drafting facility in M4 DRAFTING provides the means to quickly and easily generate geometry without the need for construction lines prior to drawing.

The Smart Drafting Tool allows construction lines to be automatically inferred between points created, and displays them dynamically as the cursor moves inside the drawing area.

The Smart Drafting Tool automatically infers construction lines

Smart Drafting Allows Users to:

  • Determine snap mode, automatically snapping to existing segment points (e.g. nearest, middle, tangent, centre points)
  • Determine grid step length for subsequent points
    Determine grid step angles for subsequent points
  • Determine incremental angles relative to last line
  • Easily extend existing geometry
The Smart Drafting Tool dynamically displays segment information and relationships to previous segments

Context-Sensitive Information Fields

As users draw their geometry, context sensitive information fields dynamically display segment length, angle or radii information.

Intuitive pop-up menus and keyboard shortcuts, as well as visual representations of relationships between current and last lines (e.g. perpendicular/parallel) further speed up the design process.