Discover Even Easier, Simpler CAD: MEDUSA4 R6

A new interface that feels fresh and familiar at the same time, along with many new features, creates a new connection between the software and the user

Cambridge, UK and Pittsford, NY – 02 June 2015: MEDUSA4 R6 combines a modern design, new features and more customization options, making the software program a completely new CAD experience.
Improved features in MEDUSA4 R6 create a new connection between the software and the user.
The new MEDUSA4 R6 interface feels both fresh and familiar

Analysis of technical trends

The MEDUSA4 R6 project began several years ago. In preparing for the project, CAD Schroer spent a great deal of time analyzing the technical trends in the CAD field. In addition, it carefully reviewed customer feedback from the last few years. The objectives were clear: to make the best parts of MEDUSA4 even better, and to package them in a modern, user-friendly interface.

Between the technology and the user

“The user interface is one of the key components of the software, because it is the window between the technology and the user,” says Mark Simpson, Product Line Manager at CAD Schroer. “That’s why we put a lot of energy into it when we created MEDUSA4 R6 – to make sure the interface was modern, user-friendly and very easy to use.”

Context-relevant features

All of the main features are found on a ribbon menu, which is not only simple and clearly organized, but also very easy to use. The program’s Dashboard was and still is one of its enormous advantages, so it was further developed in MEDUSA4 R6 and is now one of the central operating elements. It contains all of the context-relevant information and features, responds to the task at hand, and displays everything you need to solve the task. The Symbol Manager has also been completely overhauled. It now offers a complete overview of all the symbols, and filters them according to which items have been selected.

New features and catalogues

In the new version, the 2D tools that you use every day have been improved with high-performance features. With these tools, MEDUSA4 R6 offers new ways to make your everyday work more effective. For the first time, you can set Favorites, and you can now also place QR codes in a drawing. The new Symbol Manager makes it much more convenient to handle P&ID catalogues. The new version also comes with an update of the DIN EN ISO 10628 catalogue.

Test version: experience MEDUSA4 R6 in person

It is now even easier to try out MEDUSA4 R6. Anyone can experience the new generation of this CAD software for themselves, and get an overview of the many new features in MEDUSA4 R6.
MEDUSA4 offers a 30-day trial version of the R6
The new MEDUSA4 R6 is not just an update – it is a completely optimized, improved version of the CAD software already being used around the world. With the latest generation of its software, CAD Schroer is setting clear standards and investing in the future of its customers.
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