For CAD Schroer‘s 25th anniversary, employees are pedaling knowledge : for 25 days, staff are getting on their bikes to raise money for child education in Africa

Cambridge, UK and Pittsford, NY – July 2011: CAD Schroer is marking its 25th anniversary by asking staff to commute to work by bicycle. Every kilometre racked up translates into a donation towards a child’s primary school education in Ethiopia.

The company donation will go to Menschen für Menschen, a foundation set up to provide integrated development projects in Ethiopia:

Menschen für Menschen

Come rain or shine, CAD Schroer UK is ditching cars for bikes to raise funds for Ethiopian schools

A Passion for Education

CAD Schroer, founded in Germany on the 25th of June 1986, has offices in the UK, USA, Switzerland, France, Italy, and the Benelux. The company, which develops and supplies engineering software and services to manufacturers and plant designers, regularly supports the next generation of engineers through apprentice programs, and also offers software-specific training. The Ethiopian schools campaign is a chance for CAD Schroer to spread its passion for education.

CAD Schroer staff in Germany cycling for education as part of the 25th anniversary celebrations

Throwing Down the Gauntlet

CAD Schroer consultant Alan Pitt, who works in Holland, plans to cycle the route to headquarters in Germany. “It’s a great initiative,” he says, “and to throw down the gauntlet (and hopefully inspire others) I shall attempt to cycle from my home office to Moers, Germany. That’s a 150km round trip.” Other colleagues have already agreed to join him en route.

CAD Schroer Head of Training Markus Bertram has inspired colleagues by taking his bike to Denmark, where he is running a PDM training course. “I started my ‘Tour de Danmark’ on the very first Monday, clocking up 56km. It’s the first time I’ve cycled to a customer site, and it’s just brilliant. I’m really getting to know the area, rather than just zooming past in a car. I’ll definitely be doing this again.”

Trading a Vespa for a Bike

In Italy Marco Destefani has traded his Vespa for a bike. He’s been stopping by his local garage to advertise the good cause. “A campaign that helps children in Ethiopia, as well as saving petrol – it’s a double benefit!” he enthuses.

“On the 25th of June, we started a 25 working day campaign, during which employees log every kilometre cycled to and from the office. Our goal is to rack up enough kilometres to fund the primary school education of at least 80 Ethiopian children, while cutting our carbon footprint, promoting a healthier lifestyle, and having some serious fun,” says the company’s founding Director Michael Schroer. “Some staff members live a long way from the office, but even partial journeys will count. The campaign may also persuade people to make more of a habit of cycling to work in the future.”

Changing the Lives of Ethiopian Children

“We just love this campaign,” says Astrid Merkl of Menschen für Menschen. “It’s creative, it’s green, and it will help change the lives of children in Ethiopia – one of the poorest countries on Earth, where 40% of youngsters never get the opportunity to learn how to read, write or do basic arithmetic. We all know that education is the route out of poverty, and poverty has consequences that affect us all.” The results of the initiative will be revealed on July 28th at CAD Schroer’s anniversary celebrations. “Education is the key to personal and community development. We support local and international programs, and hope that this challenge inspires our staff and the people around us,” says Michael.

CAD Schroer’s Italian staff are saving on petrol as they cycle to work for charity over 25 days
The benefits of cycling: every km pedalled by CAD Schroer staff helps African school children
Cycling past the Cambridge University colleges