Standard CAD Parts Library - STHENO/PARTS

STHENO/PARTS, the industry-proven integrated standard CAD parts library for STHENO/PRO, offers an extensive range of symbols for the mechanical engineering, pipeline construction and steel-framed building construction industries.

No more time wasted drawing or modifying screws, bolts or fittings – simply use the intuitive user interface to select the desired part or symbol, displayed in a preview window prior to loading. Select your part measurements from the menus provided, or find the right part based on measurements in the design itself (where no standard part exists, the system will suggest the closest fit). In order to save time and ensure accuracy, STHENO/PARTS dynamically adjusts its choice options to reflect the selections you have already made.

When you load a symbol into your design, you have the choice of removing any hidden lines, or changing the line type to show hidden detail.

All STHENO/PARTS symbols are treated as Design Objects, allowing them to be directly integrated into in-sheet assemblies.

STHENO/PARTS symbols can also easily be integrated into an existing STHENO/PRO Group. Groups are a powerful feature used to structure geometry so that it can be edited as a single entity, without affecting your ability to manipulate individual elements.

Packages Available

A package of 50 STHENO/PARTS is included with every STHENO/PRO ADVANCED™ license. STHENO/PARTS is also available in fixed packages of 100, 125, 150, 200 or 250 DIN/EN/ISO standards (the package of 50 standards contains around 35,000 – and the package of 150 standards over 100,000 – CAD part symbols).

STHENO/PARTS - the standard CAD parts library with over 35,000 symbols
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