Raster Image Integration - STHENO/IMAGE COLOUR

STHENO/IMAGE COLOUR is a STHENO/PRO module which allows you to incorporate, edit and store colour and monochrome raster data in your designs, and provides combined raster and vector data support. STHENO/IMAGE COLOUR unlocks the value of your existing (often legacy) drawings and non-CAD data, adding new breadth to the information conveyed by your designs, while bringing external raster images up to date and under control within your Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire (Creo Elements/Pro) or Creo Parametric environment.

STHENO/IMAGE allows you to integrate colour photos, scans and images into your CAD sheets

Do you have a large investment in existing designs or non-CAD data, in paper or image formats? Do you get paper or electronic image data from your customers, and then spend many hours redrawing it, simply to make additions or small modifications? Even in today’s high tech environment, analysts estimate that two out of three designs still exist in paper format. Many companies hold a wealth of paper drawings, stored in archives or drawers, or scanned as raster images, largely uncontrolled and difficult to use, often leading to the decision to start completely from scratch with new electronic designs, at considerable expense.

STHENO/IMAGE COLOUR lets you close the gap between partial and complete automation of the design process, by allowing you to easily integrate and store non-CAD data and scanned paper-based drawings in your existing database, immediately making valuable ideas, designs and data available again.

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