The Key to Design Automation - STHENO/PARAMETRICS

STHENO/PARAMETRICS is an add-on module for STHENO/PRO, which allows companies to achieve sophisticated, bespoke design process automation. The STHENO/PARAMETRICS module offers extremely powerful parametrics (variational geometry) functionality, designed to achieve significant productivity and efficiency gains throughout your business and its supply chain by automating many manual design, simulation and testing processes.

STHENO/PRO’s parametric functionality lies at the very heart of its design automation capabilities. You can either create and control parametric 2D symbols or drawings interactively, or use STHENO’s powerful programming tools to completely automate the process.

STHENO/PRO’s familiar drafting tools allow you to easily create and dimension your geometry. Its parametric tool tray then provides access to all the additional functionality needed to parameterise your design.

On loading, STHENO/PRO automatically calculates and takes into account the geometric (tangential, angular, symmetric, collinear etc.) relationships between elements, meaning you can quickly create parts families, simulate 2D movements and displacement over time, check interferences, or validate design integrity.

STHENO/PARAMETRICS is deployed on projects throughout the globe, ultimately providing fully automated creation of designs and production variants.

STHENO/PARAMETRICS allows companies to achieve design process automation
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