MEDUSA4 Software Packages

MEDUSA4 Commercial Software Packages

The MEDUSA4 product range is a modular one, with MEDUSA4 DRAFTING PLUS at its core. We offer three commercial MEDUSA4 packages, from basic to advanced, as well as many additional add-on modules to meet your specific requirements. For interfaces and integrations, please visit our Interfaces page.

The Right Package for You

For more information on product packages, license prices, and software maintenance, please get in touch - we will be happy to discuss the best solution for you.

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Drafting Plus
Advanced Parametrics
   2D Drafting Tools
   SMART Drafting Tool
   SMART Edit    
   Drilling and Tolerance Tables    
   Parametric Symbols    
   basic 3D    

MEDUSA4 Software Packages
Overview of MEDUSA4 packages and the add-ons