Parametrics - The Key to Design Automation - MEDUSA4

Automate Manual Design, Simulation and Testing Processes

MEDUSA4 PARAMETRICS is an add-on module for the MEDUSA4 design automation software, which allows companies to achieve sophisticated, bespoke process automation. The MEDUSA4 PARAMETRICS module offers extremely powerful parametrics (variational geometry) functionality, designed to achieve significant productivity and efficiency gains throughout your business and its supply chain by automating many manual design, simulation and testing processes.

From Parametric Symbols to Automated Drawing Generation

MEDUSA4’s parametric functionality lies at the very heart of its design automation capabilities. You can create and control parametric 2D symbols, drawings or 3D model definition files interactively, or use MEDUSA4’s powerful programming tools to completely automate the process.

MEDUSA4’s parametric tool tray provides access to all the functionality needed to parameterise your design. Quickly create design variants, for use as parametric symbols, for example, creating your own corporate standards or component building blocks. MEDUSA4 PARAMETRICS also makes it easy to simulate the movement of entire assemblies.

MEDUSA4 Datasheet
Download the MEDUSA4 Parametrics module datasheet