Engineering Information & Document Management - MEDUSA4 MEDInfo

MEDInfo: Secure and Flexible
Data Management

MEDUSA4 MEDInfo is a secure information and document management system integrated with MEDUSA4.

Its Web-based approach makes it ideal for today’s flexible and highly distributed working processes.

Global Working through
Web-Based Architecture

MEDInfo uses a Web-based architecture for the distribution of documents, facilitating the flexible deployment of the product across a geographically distributed network of users. Its document management functionality is available through the use of a Web browser, and can easily be customised with your corporate look and feel.

Looking After All Your Engineering-Related Documents and Design Data

MEDInfo delivers functionality for the administration and update of documents through all phases of the product development and design cycle. In addition to the intelligent management of MEDUSA4 drawings, MEDInfo can manage your other documents, including Adobe PDF, Microsoft Office, or even simple ASCII text files. It also allows you to manage and track paper-based (“virtual”) documents, and stores nongraphical design data, such as part numbers, for easy retrieval.

MEDUSA4 Datasheet
Global engineering document management