3D Modelling - MEDUSA4

Sheet-based Modelling for Fast Results

MEDUSA4 3D was developed for designers who want to apply their existing knowledge and way of working to a 3D world. It offers an intuitive approach known as “sheet-based modelling”, using standard MEDUSA4 2D tools to define 3D models. You don’t have to be a 3D expert to use it. Training times are minimised, and you gain greater flexibility with company resources.

Integrated 3D Viewer

An integral viewer allows you to interact with models by zooming, spinning and panning.

Optional 3D Interfaces

MEDUSA4 3D allows you to export to and import all the standard 3D data formats. The interfaces available include: 3D DXF, 3D DWG, STEP, IGES, STL, COLLADA (export only), VRML (export only), and VDA-FS (export only).

3D Assemblies with the 3D Plus Add-On

In addition to the functionality available in the “basic3D” tools provided with the MEDUSA4 ADVANCED package, MEDUSA4 3D PLUS allows you to create entire assemblies of 3D components by referencing individual model files. Properties can be assigned to assemblies as a whole, as well as to the individual 3D components that make them up, offering great flexibility, as well as the ability to analyse complex structures in their entirety.

Optional 3D Terrain Modelling

The optional Digital Terrain Modeller for architectural and civil engineering applications automatically generates terrain models based on spot heights, and is used throughout the world to model landscape features, such as river beds.

MEDUSA4 Datasheet
MEDUSA4 3D Plus optional add-on