MEDUSA4 - The Professional 2D/3D CAD Software

MCAD Software that Flexibly Adapts to Your Unique Design Processes

The Fourth Generation of the globally renowned MEDUSA mechanical design software offers advanced design automation within a highly flexible systems environment. Its powerful software tools were developed to work the way engineers do, helping you get product to market faster, and designs to customers more quickly and efficiently.

Multi-Platform and Highly Customisable

MEDUSA4 is available on all major platforms, including Windows, Sun SPARC Solaris and Linux, and is highly customisable to suit specific industry requirements. The software is modular, allowing you to choose the add-ons you require.

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2D CAD sheet created with MEDUSA4
Screenshot of MEDUSA4 2D CAD drawing with derived 3D model
A fully dimensioned MEDUSA4 2D CAD sheet
MEDUSA4 CAD drawing with truck and conveyor belts
MEDUSA4 sheet with a scanned in hand drawing
Standard CAD parts library displayed in MEDUSA4
Process and instrumentation diagram (P&ID) created in MEDUSA4

Modular Software, Growing with Your Needs

MEDUSA4 includes add-ons for advanced parametrics, 3D assemblies, the incorporation of legacy data and colour images through the use of raster technology, standard CAD parts, sheet metal design, and P&IDs.

The extended product family includes the powerful 2D/3D plant design system MPDS4, with an innovative factory layout facility, as well as solutions for document and data management.  MEDUSA4 data is highly compatible with third party systems, and there are a variety of 2D, 3D, PDM, PLM and programming interfaces available.

MEDUSA4 Datasheet
Packages and add-ons available