About CAD Schroer's Online Support Service

CAD Schroer’s online support service offers a series of online tools and services to registered customers with a valid software support and maintenance agreement, meeting individual needs.

To use this service, simply log on with your user name and password. If you are new to the system, you can obtain these details by clicking on the “Registration for Maintenance Customers” link on the main page.

Our online support service offers an efficient, effective and transparent means of dealing with your support issues, queries or enhancement requests. You can track issues raised, and be assured that our experts are dealing with your concerns. You can easily determine:

  • the number of issues still open
  • who is dealing with your issue
  • what the current status of your issue is

Online forms provide you with the means of raising new issues, adding additional information to existing issues, or escalating these issues.

You can also request licenses and make other enquiries online. This provides additional transparency and enables us to provide you with a highly efficient support service.

Visit our support pages to find out about all the services available at your fingertips!

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