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Solutions for Estimating & Implementing Plant Changes

The Challenges of Constant Change

Plant and engineering managers regularly face a barrage of change requests to their plant or factory. These might be based on changes in the method of production, the product line, or regulations; or the introduction of new machinery or technology. Projects are proposed to ensure regulatory compliance, improve safety, reduce costs, sustainably manage resources, increase quality, shorten production cycles, or increase flexibility. Whether a management directive or an engineering initiative, any change needs to be evaluated and estimated before it can be rejected or accepted as a realistic project which can be funded and delivered.

Easily Implement & Manage Change with MPDS4

With MPDS4 you can then detail and implement selected projects to a high quality standard, on time and on budget. Refine your concept data and easily read in 2D and 3D formats from contractors and suppliers. 3D planning with interference and consistency checking means avoiding expensive mistakes on site, when time is money. A single plant design database with project data control means efficient, provable implementation of legislative requirements, for example, and less red tape. A clear process of evaluation and visualisation of changes greatly increases staff buy-in.

Easily Evaluate Plans for Change with MPDS4

The MPDS4 Plant Design and Factory Layout Software helps you evaluate proposed changes by allowing you to rapidly visualise any change concept. You can easily create concept layouts with large catalogs of standard parts. Answer the question “will it fit?” by assessing space and impact on current plant. Easily explain proposals to non-engineers by running 3D walk-throughs directly in the design data. Automatically generate BOMs to price up the change.
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