Are You Looking for a Strong Development Partnership?

Do you regularly work with third parties to flexibly meet your project needs, or are you just starting to think about calling on software experts to help?
In either case, CAD Schroer’s technical computing professionals are here to help. CAD Schroer provides engineering and CAD productivity solutions – out of the box, or tailored to your requirements. We offer a full product lifecycle service, underpinned by a solid business relationship, designed to give you the competitive edge. Whether you’re an existing user of our products, or need niche CAD expertise to achieve a bespoke solution, you’ve come to the right address.

Worried About Using External Resources?

The relationship you have with your service provider is key to getting projects off the ground quickly and completing them successfully. It goes without saying that your partner’s expertise and experience must meet your requirements on a technical level. But in addition, you need a provider whose culture lends itself to a development partnership.

We’re Here to Support Your Business Goals

CAD Schroer’s project teams have been set up specifically to meet the demands of organisations looking for a reliable, long-term development partner who can work as an extension of their business activity, and add real value from day one. Our business relationships are built on long-term commitment, trust, and years of expertise. We listen carefully to your requirements and expectations, then work to support your business objectives. Our customers benefit from:

  • a dedication to clear communication and problem solving
  • a customer-orientated approach
  • consistently high levels of service
  • great flexibility in meeting changing requirements
  • a direct line to the development team
  • the option of attending face-to-face meetings (which can often save immense amounts of time)
  • exacting standards
  • and a good sense of humour…

…which is why our partners use us time and again!

Proven Expertise

The range of experience among our staff members is immense, and we are experts in complex technical software development.

  • Our project teams in the United Kingdom, United States, Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy and the Netherlands have decades of development experience.
  • We have specialised expertise in the areas of 2D/3D CAD, Plant Design, Product Configuration, Schematic Systems, Graphics Systems, Internet Technologies and User Interface Design.
  • We have a long track record of developing large engineering systems, graphical and technical applications.
  • Our own technologies can be deployed to productively provide bespoke solutions in niche application areas.
  • We provide services and software to leading engineering and manufacturing firms, independent software vendors and consumer-focused businesses throughout the world.

Knowledge Retention and Development Consistency

You have the option of deploying our services tactically or strategically, as your business model requires. Unlike individual contractors, large consultancy firms, or outsource “body shops”, our experts will still be available after the completion of a contract. The knowledge and skills gained while working on your projects remain accessible, ready for you to deploy again when required. A development partnership with CAD Schroer means you get development consistency and continuity, with all its benefits:

  • The ability to accurately schedule developments
  • No recruitment fees and retraining costs
  • Reduced lead times
  • Better quality software
  • Lower long-term development costs

A Reputation for Service Excellence

  • At CAD Schroer we foster a culture of openness, teamwork and respect. This respect extends to our customers and their technical abilities.
  • We are keen to understand and support your business goals and listen to your needs.
  • We pride ourselves on being able to respond quickly and flexibly to our customers’ requirements.

Management Know-How

  • Our comprehensive service covers the full product lifecycle, enabling you to outsource with minimal management overheads
  • We are dedicated to clear communication with you, the customer

Value for Your Money

We value long term relationships, and our competitive pricing reflects that business objective.

By calling on CAD Schroer, you benefit from high quality solutions at a competitive price, project delivery to your time scales, and the ability to fully focus on your strategic goals. So why not contact us today to arrange an informal chat about your requirements?