Below are a few examples of customisations we have supplied to automate some of our our clients’ design and data management processes:

Architectural Metal Design and Manufacturing:

Automated creation of complete spiral staircase assembly drawings, as well as detail drawings of steps, handrails, ballustrades etc., based on a few user input values

Marine, Transport and Automotive:

  • Automatic calculation of the number of gear rings required in industrial-sized gear boxes based on a few user input values
  • Automatic production of propeller assembly and blade detail drawings based on figures passed from an aerodynamic shape calculation program
  • Entirely automated design of optimal heavy-duty batteries from individual cells, including calculation of fit and packaging requirements, based on user input of box size, voltage, current and lifetime requirements
  • Automated brake pipe bending jig design, where specialised clamps for bending machines are automatically designed based on drawings of the pipes they need to machine
  • Automated Web-based emergency vehicle configuration and drawing generation based on choice menu selections

General Data Management Applications:

  • Automated plotting systems; e.g. the automatic creation and management of PDFs of drawings issued for release
  • Automated regeneration of PDF files of vault drawings after changes occur

Water, Power and Utilities:

  • Automatic creation of terrain cross-section drawings, showing pipes routed in a 3D model created from survey information
  • Electric power distribution grid control and mapping: A direct database link between drawings showing an entire regional electrical power distribution and the control centre, allowing engineers to control power breakers in the field, for example, from the drawing
  • Automatic transmission tower (pylon) design and detailing system, which creates all tower assembly and detail drawings based on a set of user-determined parameters
  • Automated design and take-off of HVAC systems based on an arrangement drawing, automatically producing all detail drawings and updating design data to manufacturing systems
  • Automatic creation of electrical disc insulator drawings with different profiles based on simple input dialog

Chemical Processing:

Integration of a new 3D system and analysis tools with existing CAD/CAM environment, to include automatic pump inducer model creation from value tables, and automatic drawing production, including developed sheet metal designs for manufacturing