Loading images with a transparent background

Thanks to the MEDUSA4 MEDRaster Colour Module, as of version 6.2, images with a transparent background can be loaded into the drawing, edited and saved. That way, the images are better integrated into the drawing as the background and image frame are no longer displayed. The supported formats with transparency are PNG and TIF. The module still supports all standard image formats.

Editing larger 3D models

The 64-bit version of MEDUSA4 now allows you to process far larger models. This means vast models can be imported from third-party systems, before being simplified in MEDUSA4. This is especially helpful being able to process these very large models of machines, systems and whole plants.

Creo interface supports Creo 4

As of version 6.2, the MEDUSA4 interface to Creo Parametric supports the latest Creo -version 4. Now the MEDPro interface supports all three most up-to-date versions 4, 3, and 2 of Creo Parametric.

Teamcenter interface supports Teamcenter 11

From MEDUSA4 version 6.2 the interface to Teamcenter also supports the current Teamcenter version 11. Thereby, the MED2TC interface supports both widely used versions 10 and 11 of Teamcenter.

Even better handling in MEDUSA4 P&ID

Through version 6.2 of MEDUSA4 P&ID, the production of flow diagrams has been improved. Attention was given especially to easier selection of symbols and lines, with a new browser making placement even easier and more precise. Moving multiple components has also been optimised, further enhancing the editing of existing flow diagrams.

Terrain modelling included in MEDUSA4 Premium and Ultimate

As of version 6.2, the MEDUSA4 terrain modelling module has been included in the packages MEDUSA4 Premium and Ultimate. That way, MEDUSA4 users can very quickly and simply produce a detailed, scaled, terrain model by simply annotating a 2D drawing with height texts.

New: CSG PDF viewer

From version 6.2, a PDF viewer is available that is fully integrated in MPDS4 and MEDUSA4. This makes it easier for the user to use the integrated PDF documentation. An additional installation of a compatible PDF viewer is therefore optional, as the software always features the integrated viewer.

Customer-oriented software optimisation

In addition to the numerous innovations and new products, the new version of MPDS4 and MEDUSA4 includes more than 250 customer-oriented productivity improvements. These optimisation suggestions are regularly submitted by CAD Schroer customers via the customer portal and flow directly into the software development.

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