Mid-sized manufacturers, energy providers and plant designers are adopting technologies that help them capitalise on opportunities and productively handle challenging times

Cambridge, UK and Pittsford, NY – 28 October 2010: Engineering solutions provider CAD Schroer is headquartered in Germany, with subsidiaries in the UK, US, Switzerland, Italy and France. Despite differing economic outlooks, the impetus for investment in flexible technology for factory design is everywhere.

MPDS4 flexible plant design helps business take off

“News coverage about a big German recovery on one hand, and the insecurity triggered by a UK austerity budget on the other, tends to exaggerate differences, rather than emphasise similarities,” says CAD Schroer’s Managing Director, Michael Schroer. “Yet both countries’ manufacturing and plant engineering sectors are boosted by overseas demand, and their firms accept that technology is a key project enabler. The solid yet flexible engineering organisations that make up our customer base – be they food or energy producers, machinery or plant providers – had their period of austerity in 2009. 2010/2011 is the time for making smart investments which offer quick benefits and good returns.”



Serving a Niche

“Our customers work internationally, and of course they feel the effects of different economic climates. But most of them are experts in their industry, supplying niche products, or engineering services to niche sectors,” explains CAD Schroer’s Product Line Manager Mark Simpson. “They have to plan, design or modify complex installations with a lot of mechanical content. The last thing they need is design software which is difficult to use, administrate or adapt.” CAD Schroer’s niche is the supply of flexible, affordable, and dynamic 2D to 3D plant and factory planning, layout, design, and visualisation software to mid-sized Owner/Operators and process plant providers.

Making the Most of Opportunities

“Be it a German machinery manufacturer gearing up to handle higher demand from Asia; a UK food manufacturer adapting processing lines to produce value ranges; or a design & construction firm progressing from 2D to 3D to be more competitive,” says Mark, “They invest in our software and services because we get projects off the ground quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.”

From Pre-Sales to Build Order

CAD Schroer’s scalable, modular software allows users to start with conceptual designs in 2D, then progress to detailed 3D design. Parametric, rules- and catalog-driven, it runs on a relational database, storing component definitions in a lightweight format. 3D factories are drawn on demand, generating impressive walk-through visualisations that help win bids, and make it easy to communicate and progress projects quickly. MPDS4 FACTORY LAYOUT can integrate with existing CAD/PLM/ERP/EDM systems and data, and is extremely configurable for niche requirements.

Capitalise on opportunities with MPDS4 as the economy improves