Optimize sales processes with an online configurator

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Due to the diverse range of niche application requirements within small industries, suitably optimised 2D and 3D CAD tools are not always readily available. However, it is possible to acquire such specialised CAD tools at a manageable cost.

Individual solutions for individual niches

Many SMEs are particularly successful because they operate within a niche in their industry. This enables them to be one of the main suppliers to their market and avoid high levels of competition. In other areas, this strategy brings with it challenges that the businesses face on a daily basis. For example, they often require specialised CAD software to meet their unique design requirements, which is not available as standard on the market.

Industry solutions with high added value

Of course, everyone is looking for ways to make their processes leaner. This includes the automation of design processes where many niche operators try to enhance their CAD software with their own custom functionality. Unfortunately, this often happens in-house and does not exploit the full potential of the CAD software. The best results are usually achieved by consulting with the CAD software manufacturer or a certified partner. This is because only they know the full extent of the software’s capabilities, and are best placed to advise on how to customise it for maximum effect.

Specialised CAD solution automates pipeline construction
Specialised CAD solution automates pipeline construction

Breakthrough with a custom solution

Even the smallest customisation of a CAD system can bring about significant benefits. For example, automating the creation of different variants of a design, or generating the corresponding BOMs, frees up valuable time to work on additional projects. Just a small investment in custom solutions can yield a very rapid return on investment (ROI) and continue to deliver similar rewards on future projects.

Specialised solution revolutionises pipeline construction

Pipeline construction is a niche application where profits can be maximised through the automation of the design process. Pipelines are accurately designed using GPS coordinate data so that individual pipes can be routed and bent precisely to the required shape. A CAD system was customised to optimise and automate each step of the design process.

Create a model from GPS data

For example, a specialised MEDUSA4-based system imports GPS-based data from a field-survey of a pipeline corridor. The system then analyses the data and creates a 3D model of the corridor terrain to support the pipeline design process. The design data is then used to accurately bend individual pipes to the required shape, and to generate a 3D model of the pipeline trench to control GPS-guided excavators on-site.

Optimize sales processes with an online configurator

The benefits of an online configurator are already a reality for several MEDUSA4 users. They have optimized their sales process and made it independent of the design. Using online configuration forms, every sales person can create proposals with just a few clicks, including fully detailed CAD drawings.

Individual CAD solutions for individual niches

Acting in a focussed way

For decades, the provider of MEDUSA4 has specialized in mastering the individual challenges of its customers. Because only with the right focus and integrated functionality can businesses grow and be successful. That’s why it does not matter to CAD Schroer what the software can do today, but what the customer wants to achieve with their CAD software.

A solution for all requirements

A 2D/3D CAD system that meets even the most demanding design challenges is MEDUSA4. The software’s flexible and customizable architecture makes it possible to quickly implement highly specialized solutions. Integration with third-party systems can also be fully automated.

Get to know a wide range of possibilities

A fully functional, 30-day free trial of the popular software package is available to download. Tutorial videos and full documentation are also provided to ensure a quick start. The software’s extensive capabilities can be discussed by consultation. Individual requests can simply be sent to CAD Schroer’s consultants, who will then put together an individualised package of software, services and training to meet the specified requirements.

Especially with 2D CAD, the majority of software licenses supplied to customers are for industry-specific solutions, rather than standard off-the-shelf software.