Intelligent software for process engineering

Today, process engineering design requires modern software that supports and optimizes the design process

Process engineering designers are increasingly subject to challenging time pressures. Even preparing a proposal requires detailed design work to be performed as quickly as possible and to a very high standard. Intelligent software for process engineering meets these demands.

Challenges in process engineering

A key step in the design process is the documentation of the design using a Piping & Instrumentation diagram (P&ID). All of the main system components are represented by symbols on the diagram. The symbols are logically connected by lines, which mostly represent pipes. The diagrams also include symbols for instrumentation for measurement and control. A P&ID can be visually created using any graphical 2D software package, but as the saying goes, the devil is in the detail.

Realization of a process plant

The Piping & Instrumentation diagram graphically illustrates the design using symbols and lines. It also illustrates component relationships that are fundamental to the design. Therefore, the properties of each system component must be precisely specified so that the plant can be constructed as designed. With graphics-only design systems, the properties of each component must be manually defined in separate documents. That approach is very labour intensive, cumbersome and error prone.

Overcoming challenges in process engineering
Overcoming challenges in process engineering

Lean processes create time to do more

All companies look for ways to reduce costs, and often focus on company processes, because the shortening of individual processes creates room to manoeuvre. Time saved translates into more time to undertake more projects with the same team. A popular solution is to deploy software that improves and, where possible, automates manual tasks and processes.

Do more with the right process software

Modern software supports process design by adding intelligence to Piping & Instrumentation diagrams. This means that the properties of individual components need to be entered only once when placing component symbols. Thereafter, all reports and parts lists can be generated automatically from the diagram. This completely eliminates the need to manually create external documents, thereby saving time and avoiding the risk of human error.

Higher quality process engineering designs

In addition to the creation of design documentation, modern software solutions offer advanced functionality that is specifically aimed at ensuring a high quality design. For example, the software checks that all components have been correctly named and that the required component properties have all been specified. Consistency checks also ensure that design errors are detected and reported early on. This advanced functionality requires no further time from the designer because it is performed automatically by the software.

Process engineering design with modern software

Invest today, profit tomorrow

Process design software that supports these features does not necessarily have to be expensive. For an investment of just a few thousand euros you can equip your team with modern Piping & Instrumentation diagramming software. Often video tutorials and complete user manuals are available, with which users can quickly learn the software. Due to the high quality of designs produced, and the automation of key design tasks, the software often pays for itself over the course of the very first project.

Download software for process engineering today

One of the key software vendors in this field is CAD Schroer. With its M4 P&ID FX software it provides a comprehensive solution for process engineering design. In addition to extensive P&ID diagramming functionality, the software is supplied with a range of standards-compliant symbol catalogues, and features consistency checking and automatic BOM generation. The software also contains 2D drafting functionality enabling you to further annotate your designs if you wish. Extensive interfaces to other systems ensure uncomplicated data exchange with your customers and suppliers.

M4 P&ID FX is supplied as a package including technical support and software updates for one year for only € 1,250. A downloadable trial version and detailed video tutorials are available, so that you can quickly evaluate and deploy the software in-house.

Intelligent software for process engineering enables you to master your design challenges. For an investment of just a few thousand euros you can equip your team with modern P&ID software.