Free Webinar: AR/VR – A quick introduction to industrial use cases

Overview of virtual and augmented realities and its possible applications in industry.

12th November 2020 at

For Australia & Asia: 17:00 AEST (16:00 KST, 15:00 CST, 12:30 IST)
For UK, EU & Middle East: 10:00 BST (11:00 CEST, 13:00 GST)
For USA, Canada & South America: 11:00 EDT (10:00 CDT, 09:00 MDT, 08:00 PDT)

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Webinar Agenda

The event consists of several parts:

  • An overview of virtual and augmented realities
  • Some useful possibilities of the new technologies
  • Practical applications possible today
  • Some demo examples of VR/AR apps
  • A look into the future