Integrated End-to-End Plant Project Engineering

The main objective of any digital plant design process is to obtain the most accurate design and planning data possible, along with a realistic representation of your plant or installation prior to construction or modification. A digital model can be used for feasibility studies, easily incorporating additional information, such as preliminary costings and material requirements, from existing project data.

CAD Schroer’s software solutions serve the growing need of our customers to increase design and planning efficiency and manage risks by quickly achieving visual, measurable results.

A database-centric design approach makes it easy to edit, visualise and deploy large amounts of process plant data across multiple systems.

Our solutions allow you to achieve an end-to-end planning process, re-using digitally captured customer requirements for conceptual designs and layouts. 

Easily present your preliminary designs in the form of 2D layouts, 3D views or installation walk-throughs. Then move on to integrated, collaborative detailed design based on the data previously generated.

Case Studies for Plant Design:

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