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Surging Forward with Flexible Design Solutions

Competitive pressures in the water and energy sectors, including continuing market deregulation and the global energy trade, make it ever more important for providers to operate flexibly in order to generate energy or provide water treatment solutions reliably and cost-effectively. The development of renewable energy sources is another key driver, affecting the design and construction of new installations, as well as the modernisation of existing sites. 

You can rely on CAD Schroer’s design solutions to support your objectives. Use our software tools to design entire treatment facilities or distribution networks, from single components or power grids to complete plants and installations. We can cater for your individual needs by integrating our tools into your existing systems structure, helping your company work at its most productive.

Supporting Sustainability – 70% discount for renewable energy companies

In order to support growth and innovation in renewables, CAD Schroer offers a 70% discount on its MPDS4 plant design software, and a 40% discount on support services to companies working in the renewables sector, including  geothermal, wave and tidal energy, hydro power "power-to-gas” solar power, wind power, biogas and biomass. Contact us today to find out more.

3D Plant Design Software

2D Plant Design Software

Case studies for the Energy and Water Sector:
Christ Kennicott (now OVIVO)
Water treatment plant design
Siemens T&D
Gas insulated switchgear design
Graham & Brown
Heat recovery incinerator design
ARA Meiringen
Waste water treatment process design
CEL International (now WSP CEL)
Energy & environment market sectors
Porcelain insulator design
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