Do you supply efficient heat, ventilation and cooling systems for industrial spaces?

Industrial premises and businesses, private households and public facilities all depend on reliable and inexpensive energy supplies. They put their trust in innovative technologies for the efficient and sustainable generation of heat, process heat, air conditioning or cooling processes. New building regulations and construction place great emphasis on

energy efficiency through the deployment of modern HVAC technologies. Reliable and measured services supplied 24/7 by centrally controlled and easily accessible systems; individually adaptable energy distribution networks and electrical control and switchgear are the bread and butter of today’s building services engineer.

Design and route complete HVAC and electrical systems in 3D

You can rely on CAD Schroer’s support in tackling the complex challenges of building services engineering. Easily design new components, plan and lay out entire HVAC and electrical systems in a 3D environment. We can ensure that any solution you choose is adapted to meet your unique requirements.

Case studies for Building Services / HVAC Engineering:

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