Factory Design Solutions

Flexible Factory Design - From Concept to Completion

To stay competitive, manufacturers have to be flexible and react quickly to market demands. One of the requirements for fulfilling customer expectations is a flexible manufacturing facility. Factories of the future are easily adaptable and operate close to the limits of their technical capacity. In order to meet market demands, you need a flexible layout solution, which allows designers working on new builds, factory extensions or modifications to gain a comprehensive overview of the entire factory.

Quickly Design Entire Manufacturing Systems

You can rely on CAD Schroer’s solutions to support you from initial factory planning all the way through to the implementation of your ideas by capturing a high level of detail even in the early project phases. Our software allows you to quickly lay out and visualise entire manufacturing systems, such as materials handling equipment, bottling or packaging lines.

By integrating our solutions with your existing systems, we can help you to quickly produce project estimates, and make and propagate changes.

A visualisation or walk-through of an entire factory with all the equipment in place allows your customers to get a detailed overview of all the project data.

Factory Layout & Modelling Services

Do you need to quickly kick off factory modification or integration projects? Do you want to examine, visualise and communicate potential changes in 3D first? 

CAD Schroer can model your existing facilities in 3D based on your 2D plans, then provide the software that allows you to quickly make design changes and assess their impact.

3D Factory Design Software

2D Factory Design Software

Case studies for Factory Design:
2D to 3D packaging line design
Graham & Brown
Heat recovery incinerator design
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