Flexible Food Manufacturing in a Competitive Market

Today, food and drink choices for consumers are wider than ever before. But so are the regulatory, competitive and market pressures on food producers. Complex supply chain management; careful calculation of margins; the ability to react quickly to changes in food trends and brands;

the introduction of the latest technologies in support of food safety, hygiene, traceability and productivity; sustainable manufacturing and carbon reduction are all part of the challenges faced by food manufacturers.

Scalable 2D to 3D food factory design, layout & visualisation

CAD Schroer is your expert partner when it comes to scalability, flexibility and adaptability in factory design. From bread manufacturers to brewery providers, food project engineers trust our software to raise productivity – from initial concept design of new production lines or facilities through to build order. Quickly lay out and visualise entire manufacturing systems, including process and materials handling systems, bottling and packaging lines. Design the building and the accompanying services (ducts, electrical cabling, piping and boiler rooms). Visualise in 3D, check for consistency, interferences, and maintenance or operator clearance spaces. Then automatically produce the parts lists, BOM, and 2D drawings required by your contractors.

Food factory modelling service

Do you need to quickly kick off factory modification or integration projects? Do you want to examine, visualise and communicate potential changes in 3D first? CAD Schroer can model existing food factories in 3D based on your 2D plans, then provide the software that allows you to make design changes and assess their impact.

Case studies for Food Processing:

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