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Manufacturers of industrial equipment, such as pumps, compressors, conveyors and production machinery, deliver proven products and technology resulting from decades of research and development. Each installation tends to be customised to meet a client’s specific demands. Many successful manufacturers still hold their original product designs in paper format. Most need CAD systems that adapt themselves readily to their unique design and productions processes, integrate with existing systems, allow them to use legacy data, and provide design automation for fast results.

Flexible design automation for custom equipment design

CAD Schroer’s software, used by some of the world’s biggest pump providers, is built with individuality in mind. Our parametric MCAD suite, MEDUSA4, provides tools which allow companies to completely automate repetitive design tasks and quickly create design variants to meet customer-specific demands.

Catalog-based modelling of large-scale industrial assemblies

Manufacturers delivering complex industrial equipment assemblies, such as custom compressors, use our MPDS4 plant design software to quickly model complete assemblies of components designed both in external 3D MCAD software, or modelled with MEDUSA4 or MPDS4. Our solutions allow clients to create their own parametric catalog components, speeding up customer project design.

Case studies for Industrial Equipment Manufacturers:

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