M4 ISO offers the possibility to convert 3D pipework designs generated in Solidworks into unscaled piping isometric drawings via a PCF file. You can either use M4 ISO directly on your computer or integrate the solution into your processes to completely automate the generation of piping isometrics from your Solidworks design.

M4 ISO uses the PCF file format, which you can export directly from Solidworks for your piping design. In just a few seconds, all files are converted into piping isometrics suitable for production and saved in a suitable format. All the information contained in the PCF file is displayed as an unscaled isometric drawing of the pipe, including all dimensions and annotations. In addition, parts lists and other types of listing can be automatically generated and displayed on the drawing.

Isometrie für PTC Creo Piping - M4 ISO

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Trial conversions are currently performed for you by CAD Schroer. Simply send us up to three PCF files and we will convert them into piping isometric drawings using M4 ISO. You will then receive your isometric drawings in PDF format in 2 to 3 working days.

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This service is only available to companies. If we have any questions about your trial conversion request, we will contact you using the details provided below.

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