What's New in M4 ISO FX

New border styles for notes

As of version 7.1, user notes automatically placed in the pipeline isometric geometry can be provided with different borders. The user can freely select the border style before the automatic generation of the isometric.

Better support for the imperial measurement system

As of M4 PLANT version 7.1, the pipe isometric module included in the software also supports the display of fractional values for inches (e.g. 20 ¼”) and for feet & inches (e.g. 4′ 20 ¼”) units of measurement. The software will automatically apply the appropriate units of measurement to all documents created. These new options allow companies to provide the required piping isometrics with the appropriate units of measurement for the project and thus to operate internationally.

Manual division of pipelines into several isometrics

As of M4 PLANT Version 7.1, it is now possible to manually specify where in a pipeline string the geometry should be divided into several isometrics. This has the advantage that the readability of pipeline geometry is greatly increased when extremely complex pipelines can be manually divided into individual pipeline isometrics.

More options for dimension alignment

For an even better view in pipeline isometrics, from version 7.1 it is now possible to specify the alignment of the dimensions for skewed pipelines. These can now be aligned either to the horizontal or vertical isometric planes according to company standard.

Table optimization

The tables that are generated together with the pipeline isometrics have been further improved in version 7.1. The user can adjust the individual widths of the cells and the texts to their own requirements. In detail the user can specify that the column width of the generated tables automatically adapts to the texts contained or that the texts are automatically wrapped to a specified column width. These settings significantly improve the readability and positioning of tables and ensure compliance with company and customer standards.
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