Automatic Piping Isometrics for Fabrication and Installation

M4 ISO Isometrics for PTC Creo® Piping is the ideal tool for automatically generating unscaled piping isometric drawings from your 3D design data. The intuitive software uses pipework data from PTC Creo Piping to create fully dimensioned piping isometric drawings, complete with bill of materials, pipe cut lengths, spool and weld lists, ready for fabrication.

M4 ISO runs in a totally automated way, with the user retaining full control over the style of drawings produced. Its open data format provides a high degree of flexibility, allowing companies to configure their isometrics in line with corporate or project specific requirements. Users can change their isometric drawing styles and also customise the system’s pre-configured templates. The integration of M4ISO with PTC Creo delivers Creo Drawing (.drw) files, thereby enabling companies to utilize their own Creo drawing formats.

With or without pipeline specifications

M4 ISO works with specification-driven pipeline construction in Creo. However, since the individual background information and methods for pipeline construction differ from company to company, M4 ISO works well with Creo Piping, if no specifications are used. The company-specific data for the parts lists can be stored in M4 ISO so that the software provides the desired result.

Working Methodology

The user selects the pipe(s) to be output, and a suitable coordinate system. They then select the style of Isometric required; style includes drawing size, table contents, dimensioning scheme etc. The North angle direction and maximum number of components per drawing sheet can also be optionally set. M4 ISO then generates the isometric drawings, automatically calculating the number of drawings needed to detail the selected pipes and associated materials lists.