Digital change in the company

Just like society, every company is subject to digital change. As digitalization progresses, new technologies are increasingly being used. For example, cloud services or 3D printing are often already part of production processes. The first steps into Industry 4.0 have already been taken, but not necessarily with a uniform strategy.

digitaler Wandel und digitaler Zwilling

Walking the 4.0-way consciously with us

In order to consciously initiate digital change within a company, a uniform approach is of paramount importance. This not only includes a strategy for the use of new technologies, the path into industry 4.0 can also mean that a company opens up completely new business areas. These must also be taken into account and evaluated when developing a strategy.

Opening up new business areas

Industry 4.0 offers great potential for developing new business models. Companies need to find new ways to focus on their strengths and make better use of their existing potential for digital transformation. The entrepreneurial questions go far beyond this consideration though, because new management tasks arise in relation to engineering performance. Companies can now open up business areas that were previously unavailable to them. Here it is important to analyse one’s own business models and to develop new products and services for them.

CAD Schroer support

CAD Schroer can support you in building your industry 4.0 knowledge through in-house workshops and events. The aim is to introduce your employees to the relevant subject areas and to give you an overview of the potential and advantages of the individual technologies and techniques. In addition, we will also make you aware of the associated new business risks.


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