P&ID Software Benefits

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Ease of Use – Access Context-Sensitive P&ID Tools

M4 P&ID FX is a user-friendly software system which offers easy-access tool trays, a context-sensitive dashboard, and context-sensitive pop-up menus for intuitive design.

Quick Progress – Learn with Tutorial Videos

CAD Schroer offers extensive video tutorials, as well as step-by-step, well-structured documentation to get you up to speed quickly.

Speed – Dynamically Create P&IDs

M4 P&ID includes dynamic P&ID as well as 2D drafting tools, allowing you to quickly create, edit and augment process schematics.

Productivity – Use P&ID Working Sets

P&ID working sets are a collection of P&IDs which belong to a single project. This feature gives you fast editing access to all project-related schematics, and a quick overview of your process data.

Control – Configure Your P&ID Software

You can configure your M4 P&ID sheets and sheet headers (e.g. add your logo). Standard colours and line styles can be configured to comply with corporate standards, and sheet background colours are user-configurable.

Flexibility – Customise Symbols, Catalogs and Reports

You can edit and add to the symbol catalogs, and create new ones. Parts, line, and from/to lists are also configurable.

Intelligence – Configure Symbol Attributes

M4 P&ID FX schematics contain visible and invisible attributes enabling intelligent design creation and report generation. Attributes are user configurable and feed into automatically produced parts lists, line lists & from/to lists. Connections between equipment are automatically maintained as symbols are moved.

Quality – Automatically Error Check P&IDs

The design verification tool automatically generates error reports, with issues flagged up directly on the design.

Just-in-Time Project Information – Communicate P&ID Data

The information contained in a P&ID can be verified as well as reported on from the very first symbol in the first schematic, making it easy to efficiently progess projects and quickly get relevant information to stakeholders.

Process Improvement – Export P&ID Data

All of your P&ID components and their attributes are stored in the schematic for easy retrieval and export for downstream use in other corporate processes.

Standards Compliance – Access P&ID Symbol Catalogs

M4 P&ID FX supports P&ID and drafting standards in respect of sheet size, sheet scale and symbol types. The software provides configurable symbol libraries in support of the EN ISO and ANSI standards.

Improved Communication – Use Standard Interfaces

M4 P&ID FX also provides standard data interfaces for easy data exchange with project stakeholders.

Integrated Design – Exchange P&ID Data

M4 P&ID FX offers standard interfaces for integrated data exchange with third party systems. Drawings can be imported or exported via a high quality DXF/DWG interface.

Accurate Calculations – Export to PDF, XLS, CSV, RTF or HTML

P&ID parts lists can be exported as PDF, XLS, CSV, RTF or HTML files for downstream use in calculation, financial or ERP systems, for example, facilitating real-time project and cost overviews.

Customer Orientation – Create Project-Specific Configurations

M4 P&ID FX allows you to change your software settings and configure your P&ID line and symbol styles in line with customer requirements, then save these project-specific configurations.

Cost Savings – Retrieve Configurations

Loading and using these project-specific P&ID configurations ensures design quality and saves project time and costs.

Time-Savings – Deploy 2D Drafting Tools

M4 P&ID FX also includes basic 2D drafting functionality, which not only allows users to create and edit 2D symbols, but also to import and edit complete 2D CAD drawings.

Accuracy – Communicate Process Details

In addition, users can augment their P&IDs with text, notes, and other 2D details from imported 2D DXF/DWG data, for example, conveying or illustrating additional process information.
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