Free for pupils and students

CAD Schroer wants to use its 2D/3D CAD software to support the training of tomorrow’s technicians and engineers, and is offering school pupils and college students the chance to work with a modern 2D/3D CAD package and turn their ideas and conceptual models into real products. The student version of MEDUSA4 offers almost the complete function set from the professional software package. This includes powerful functions such as basic 3D, parametric design, colour image integration and sheet metal design.

What’s New in MEDUSA4 Personal 6.1

Free DXF Conversion Credits for Driving CNC Machines

If you wish to use your MEDUSA4 Personal data to drive CNC machines, for example, the portal also allows you to convert your data to DXF/DWG or PDF format. While this incurs a small cost for businesses, we have a special program for educational establishments, where we add conversion credits to your account, allowing you to carry out conversions for free once certified that this is purely for non-commercial use.

Request free DXF conversion credits

MEDUSA4 Personal Download

CAD Schroer offers free MEDUSA4 Personal licenses to schools, universities, technical colleges and publicly funded research establishments.



If you are a business, wishing to use MEDUSA4 Personal free of charge, you can register for free at the CSG eSERVICES Portal.


Free for Schools, Universities and Research Institutions

CAD Schroer offers free MEDUSA4 licenses to schools, universities, technical colleges and publicly funded research establishments. The easiest way for you to introduce MEDUSA4 in your school, university or non-commercial research establishment is to register and download MEDUSA4 Personal free of charge at the CSG eSERVICES portal. The portal allows you to request free MEDUSA4 Personal software licenses for every machine in your institute (one account can request several licenses).

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