Software Support for Non-Maintenance Customers

Software Support and Consultancy Services

Customers without a valid maintenance contract can, of course, also take advantage of our expert software support and consultancy services, but these would be provided on a fee-paying basis, calculated based on your individual needs.

If you require particular services, or would like to discuss software upgrades, updates, customisation or consultancy services, please get in touch.

Reactivating a Maintenance Agreement

The most cost-effective way to receive support is usually through a maintenance contract re-activation. Many of our longstanding customers, who have experienced a lapse in maintenance in the past, have recently joined us again, convinced by the many benefits offered by our software support and maintenance package, and CAD Schroer’s deep commitment to its customers and product portfolio.

Each customer is different – we can propose a way forward to suit your particular circumstances. Why not give us a call for an informal chat?

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