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Ground-breaking innovation and growth with IoT technologies

The Internet of Things (IoT) describes the technologies in a global infrastructure that allow people, machines and individual devices to communicate and collaborate with each other through existing information and communication technologies. For industry, the opportunities of IoT lie not only in technological transformation, but far more in the emergence of new business models that revolve around design, production and services. Consequently, the Internet of Things is already influencing how companies will organise themselves in future and how their resources will work together.

Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for industry

With the unique possibilities of IoT technologies, companies can achieve ground-breaking innovation and growth. These technologies enable people to interact with systems as never before. The aim is to support people with IoT systems so that they can concentrate on the essential tasks of their everyday life. The machines and devices used by people are networked together so that they can communicate independently via the Internet and thus perform tasks automatically. IoT applications for industry range from the provision of information, to automated procurement, to warning and emergency systems.
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The Internet of Things in Production

Manufacturing companies are increasingly using IoT solutions to optimize their own production processes, but the necessary digital transformation poses great challenges for many SMEs. This is because hardly any of their valuable older machines and systems are ready for the networked production of tomorrow. Nevertheless, many machines and systems can be made to communicate with today’s IT through the addition of appropriate sensors, controllers and computer technology.

The primary aim is to help people with their daily challenges. For example, providing a production manager with an overview of all the production lines and associated key staff in the factory. In the field of IoT, CAD Schroer develops new concepts through its research projects. These are then tested in partnership with its customers through pilot projects. For example, employees can receive feedback on current processes through company-specific IoT systems, quickly access relevant information and then take action accordingly.

Pilot project to support the maintenance team

Together with its customers and partners, CAD Schroer actively designs solutions for the future. For example, CAD Schroer worked with one of its customers to develop a system to assist its maintenance engineers perform their daily tasks. The goal was to minimize downtime and prevent problems arising by providing timely context-sensitive information. Using QR codes located on machines within the factory, information and live sensor data relating to a machine could be quickly made available to the engineers. This enabled the detailed control of operational states and parameters. The maintenance team could then consult the relevant maintenance manuals or watch videos to determine how to fix a specific problem. The basic concept can be adapted to any similar company requirement.

  • Monitor the connectivity of your machinery and rectify faults – even if you are not on site
  • Enable your maintenance teams to remotely monitor all of your systems and detect problems

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