Generating ideas for the future

Shape the future of your company and generate new ideas

Use knowledge and generate ideas

The challenge in realizing the first Industry 4.0 projects lies in generating suitable ideas that actually bring the company short-term added value. To do this, a large number of ideas must first be generated. The more ideas you generate, the greater the probability that an idea with an actual implementation potential is included.

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Structured idea analysis and evaluation

CSG can also assist your company in the structured analysis of individual ideas. We can also show you ways in which you can examine the benefits and possibilities of implementation. Afterwards, the selection of suitable ideas and initial preliminary discussions for the definition of concrete projects will take place in a joint workshop.

Idea workshops

CSG offers on-site workshops for the generation of Industry 4.0 ideas, in which we generate a variety of ideas for your company using a structured approach. Employees with industry 4.0 basic knowledge are encouraged to generate ideas and create as a team a variety of application possibilities for industry 4.0 technologies and techniques in your company.

Discussion on relevant industry 4.0 topics

Introduction to the idea workshop and discussion of relevant topics for the company.

Development of business models in the industry 4.0 environment

Presentation of the emerging Industry 4.0 business models to stimulate discussion.

Idea development

Development of ideas based on proven technologies. The aim is to generate as many ideas as possible in the shortest possible time. No criticism allowed.

Structuring of the ideas collected

All ideas entered are recorded in a structured document in order to make an evaluation possible.

First evaluation step

The workshop participants carry out an initial evaluation of the ideas. Criticism is allowed and welcome.

From the idea to the pilot project

Selection of ideas with potential for the pilot project. Discussion of the possibilities for implementation and initial definition of possible milestones.

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Our consultancy services

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We provide training courses and workshops to enable your company to become familiar with Industry 4.0 topics relevant to your business
We can also advise you on a strategy for generating new industry 4.0 ideas.
Our consultancy services also include help to define your first pilot project.
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