New features and a free product offers the new version of MPDS4 REVIEW. The independent 3D viewer that can be used for interactively visualising extensive 3D models scores with an extension of the following formats supported HSF, HMF, MOD, STL, VRML, DGN, OOC point clouds and ISO 15926 XML.

New Features

Viewing more detailed Data and Attributes

As an extensive 3D system for reviewing current planning data, MPDS4 REVIEW features tools for measuring and viewing detailed data and the attributes of individual components. With the new version, the software now includes the option of viewing even more detailed data and attributes of individual components during the planning phase.

New: Full-screen Mode

Now the software has a full-screen mode that makes it much easier to present the data. By using various new light and shadow settings, models can now be made convincingly expressive, with much better representation.

New: 3D Point Clouds

In the new version, the previously supported HSF and MOD formats have now been supplemented by additional formats which extend our 3D viewing possibilities. The new supported standard formats are HMF, STL and VRML. In addition, 3D point clouds in OOC format are supported, as well as plant planning data in the proprietary DGN® and new plant interchange ISO 15926 XML format. As a result, MPDS4 REVIEW has become a comprehensive 3D reviewing tool for plant and factory planning data from a wide range of systems and planning tools

New products


New & Free: MPDS4 VIEW

In addition to the commercially available MPDS4 REVIEW, CAD Schroer has released a free 3D viewer with the new version. MPDS4 VIEW can now be downloaded from the CAD Schroer homepage. MPDS4 REVIEW