CAD Schroer’s team once again joined the annual beach volleyball tournament at the Toeppersee.

Moers, Germany – 25 August 2014. Last Friday PTC’s 13th beach volleyball tournament took place at the Toeppersee in Duisburg-Rheinhausen, where our team (“Die Schröas”) once again joined a large group of players keen to compete for a good cause.

CAD Schroer’s volleyball team (from left): Joseph Scott, Patrick Sernetz, Denis Letkemann, Nico Berg and Thomas Derksen
During the whole game the focus never left the ball

Gute Laune trotz starker Gegner

Great Spirits and Powerful Competition

Despite the bad weather enthusiastic supporters created a great athmosphere. After the warm up, it was time to draw the opposing teams. It didn’t take long for us to discover that we were facing stiff competition in both the “Hitachi Hangovers” and the “Sun Blocker FEV”. In spite of the cold and the wind, we had a great time and eventually garnered 13th place, mostly due to the strength of the oppostion.

Spiel für den guten Zweck

All for a Good Cause

Of course the tournament wasn’t mainly about winning. More important was the fact that all proceeds from food and drink purchases, as well as donations, went to “Pro Niamilima Zaire Deutsch-Italienischer Verein für die 3. Welt e.V.,” a charity which works in the Democratic Republic of Congo, helping to find sponsors for orphaned children, building clinics and schools, fighting malnutrition, and running projects to improve hygiene standards.

19 teams competed on four different courts

Wir kommen wieder!

We’ll Be Back

Despite the inclement weather, it was a great tournament, and no doubt we’ll be back for more next year.