BRT Solutions
Marco Bertolucci, General Manager
8268 Boulevard Pie-IX
Montreal (Quebec) H1Z 3T6
Tel.: +1 514.727.7113

Company Profile

BRT Solutions is Canada’s leading PTC® reseller, with 70 staff members and offices in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec City. The company is a certified Gold Level Value Added Partner and Reseller of PTC products and services, and has recently joined the rapidly expanding number of CAD Schroer’s STHENO/PRO partners. BRT Solutions was founded in 1996 as a response to the need of manufacturers and product developers to find the best software solutions for their enterprise. Since then, BRT has provided innovative CAD/CAM and PLM solutions and services to customers in diverse industry sectors, including aerospace, transportation, consumer and industrial products.

BRT Solutions helps manufacturing companies to minimise development time, reduce costs, optimise workflows, and create better products by providing the tools, skills and methodology its clients need to succeed in today’s demanding market place. BRT Solution’s strong engineering expertise, coupled with its portfolio of rapid development solutions, gives its customers the competitive edge. BRT’s consultants advise on PLM and CAD/CAM issues, provide PTC certified Pro/ENGINEER® and Windchill® training and implementation, offer design engineering and NC services (including Post Processor Development) as well as technical support and product development.

BRT Solutions is a reseller and implementer of many solutions, including the complete PTC product line; NCSIMUL; Dimension 3D Printers; VX Scanners; 3DConnexion 3D navigation devices; and now STHENO/PRO. With all of these tools at its disposal, BRT Solutions can find, create and implement comprehensive product development and data-management solutions. Some of the company’s satisfied customers include : Bombardier, CAE, Rolls Royce, Ballard, Smiths Aerospace, SKF, Toro, GE, Venmar Ventilators, and many more across Canada and the United States.

An Interview with Marco and Alessandro Bertolucci

Question: What is your personal background, and how did you become involved in the MCAD business?

Marco: I have a strong engineering and CAD background, and while working for various manufacturers and CAD/CAM service providers as an engineer, I saw a need for a comprehensive solutions provider to supply these companies with products and services that best suited their business. So I founded BRT Solutions.

I began my career as an industrial designer – first as a freelance designer working on contract for a variety of small companies, then heading a small in-house design department where I first started working with CAD on a regular basis. A few years later I was invited to join BRT Solutions as their lead Industrial Designer, and now I’m their Marketing and Communications Director.

Q: Why did you decide to become a CSG reseller?
A: Because we see STHENO/PRO as the perfect 2D enhancement for Pro/ENGINEER, so it’s a solution we need to make available to our customers. We get many requests for an alternative to AutoCAD® which can provide a bridge to 3D models and handle legacy data in conjunction with Pro/ENGINEER.

Q: Who are your customers, and what issues do they have in common?
A: They are discreet manufacturers from all kinds of industries. They are typically dealing with all the product development issues that arise as companies grow and try to remain competitive.

Q: What do you like best about STHENO/PRO?
A: Its integration with Pro/ENGINEER® and Windchill®

Q: How do you see your business, and that of your customers, evolving over the next year or two?
A: We see ourselves becoming one on North America’s leading solution providers for manufacturers. We see our customers benefit from our growing expertise, product range, and services.