Industry Sectors Served by CAD Schroer's Software and Services

Photo of a pharma plant designed with MPDS4

Chemical & Pharma

Chemical, biotech and pharma plant designers and Owner/Operators use our large-scale design software on capital projects to stay competitive, decrease project costs, avoid expensive mistakes, and meet tight deadlines.

Food industry image illustrating CAD Schroer's engineering design solutions for the food manufacturing sector

Food Manufacturing

Food project engineers trust our scalable, flexible and adaptable factory design software to raise productivity - from initial concept design of new production lines or entire factories through to build order.

Car factory image illustrating CAD Schroer engineering design solutions for the automotive & transport sectors

Automotive & Transport

Mechanical, process, plant and production engineers in the automotive/transport sector and its supply chain deploy our integrated solutions for component design, factory layout and data management to gain a competitive edge.

Biogas plant illustrating CAD Schroer's energy plant design software solutions

Energy & Water

Plant and installation providers in the energy and water sector use our software tools to design everything from single components to entire treatment plants, power plants or distribution networks.

Engineering drawings illustrating CAD Schroer solutions for engineering consultants

Engineering Consultants

Engineering, procurement, construction and project management companies trust our software to flexibly tackle greenfield and brownfield projects and refurbishments, design new process lines, or deliver turnkey industrial plants.

Photo of specially engineered roof to illustrate CAD Schroer design software offering for building services providers

Building Services

Building services providers can rely on our adaptable software to easily design new components or plan and lay out entire HVAC and electrical systems in a 3D environment.

Industrial equipment image illustrating CAD Schroer design solutions for machinery providers

Industrial Equipment

Industrial machinery and equipment providers delivering custom products can count on our solutions to provide time-saving design automation and large-scale assembly capabilities.

Consumer goods image illustrating factory design solutions provided by CAD Schroer for the FMCG sector

FMCG Providers

Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) Providers who need flexible software for product design or factory floor layouts/modifications can trust CAD Schroer's adaptable solutions to quickly achieve a competitive edge.