Powerful Drafting & Design Automation - MEDUSA4

Advanced Mechanical Design Software Ideal for Custom Equipment Providers

MEDUSA4 is a modern, flexible, extremely powerful, multi-platform-ready design automation suite which distinguishes itself through its combination of ease of use, state-of-the art dynamic design tools, 2D to 3D and concurrent engineering capabilities, as well as innovative data management and administration solutions.

Dimensioned MEDUSA4 CAD detail drawing
MEDUSA4 CAD loading bay design
MEDUSA4 CAD drwaing of laoding equipment with multi-lingual text

The concepts behind this 4th generation powerhouse were designed to free the engineer's creativity while quickly reaping corporate benefits, from the most effective use of in-house expertise with minimal training overheads to significant cost- and time-savings when dealing with supplier or customer data, resulting in getting a high quality product – and service – to market faster.

MEDUSA4 is used by manufacturing and engineering companies worldwide, and is especially suited to organisations delivering custom equipment, components, machinery, assemblies or plants.

Initiates file download Brochure: MEDUSA4

MEDUSA4 Datasheet
User Interface and Tools
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