What's New in M4 P&ID FX Version 6.1?

New and future-oriented: M4 P&ID FX in the Cloud

With the new generation of M4 P&ID FX, the files can be completely managed in the cloud. In the current version, the cloud services Dropbox, Google DriveTM and Microsoft® OneDrive® are supported. This integration offers M4 P&ID FX maximum flexibility for data management and data exchange. Individual files can be securely stored online in the cloud and are enabled by the collaboration capabilities of each service for other users.

Better configuration of symbol identifiers

The automatically generated identification texts for symbols can now be configured even better in M4 P&ID FX. For instance, an identifier can now be defined for all symbols, or individual symbol types can be given individual identifiers (P for pumps and E for other equipment). For the numbering, you can establish how the numerical keypad will look (E1 or E001). That way, M4 P&ID FX allows even better structuring of data because even the names of individual symbol types can be given an individual identifier.

New: multiple line labels for a single line

In the new version of M4 P&ID FX, very long lines can have multiple line labels in a flow chart; that makes the drawing easier to understand. The line labeling tool notes whether a line has already been labeled, and automatically generates the exact same label for the new position.

New options: P&ID Move tool

In the new version of M4 P&ID FX, the P&ID Move tool has been further improved. In addition to the standard P&ID symbols, texts and non-P&ID symbols can now also be moved. As a result, the tool offers even better options for adapting existing P&ID drawings.

Improved data exchange

In order to guarantee even better exchanges of BOM formats, the configurations for BOMs can now be exported as an XML file and also imported again. Once the structure and content of a BOM have been defined, they can now be exchanged even more easily with suppliers, customers and your own colleagues.

New: Sending Drawings as e-mail

In the new version of M4 P&ID FX, a drawing can be shipped as an email directly by pressing a single button. For this purpose, a new e-mail is automatically opened in the users default e-mail client and the drawings of M4 P&ID FX attached to the email. This speeds M4 P&ID FX communication and forwarding of P&ID data to colleagues and clients.

New: Printing with Preview

The print dialog in the new M4 P&ID FX version now includes the ability to display a preview of the drawing, before printing. The print properties can be adjusted before printing, the preview showing the effects of each adjustment in detail.

New: Shortcuts

Useful line styles, text styles and symbols can now be saved as shortcuts in M4 P&ID FX. As a result, the individual styles and symbols can be accessed quickly from the corresponding dashboard without configuring them in advance.

Convenient: closed groups and symbols

In the new version of M4 P&ID FX, individual groups can be blocked on the Dashboard. That means not only symbols, but also groups can now be locked for editing, and can only be selected or moved as a whole. Uploaded symbols are automatically saved in M4 P&ID FX as a closed group, and need to be opened on the Dashboard in order to be edited.

New: Import of DGN Drawings

The new version of M4 P&ID FX has a new DGN interface for direct import of DGN 2D drawings. This format is especially popular in the Plant design market and a direct interface has considerable benefits.