CAD Schroer's Customers

Customers Worldwide

CAD Schroer's customers are leaders in their field. Our clients include engineering project management and construction firms, engineering design consultancies, manufacturers, machinery providers, system integrators, plant providers and factory and plant Owner/Operators across most industry sectors, including industrial machinery; food; consumer goods; chemical, pharma and biotech; automotive and transport; energy and water.

Engineers rely on our products and services to provide an efficient, flexible and integrated design environment for all phases of product or plant design – cutting costs while raising quality.

Our Focus: Your Competitive Edge

Customer care, support and technical consultancy excellence have always been at the top of our agenda. Many of our customers provide unique, often bespoke products and services to their client base. They rely on software that helps them deliver custom projects quickly, cost-effectively and to a high quality standard. 

Engineering Design Software Case Studies

Use the links below to view a selection of the high-profile companies that work with our products, and read some in-depth case studies. Because many of our customers work in sensitive industry sectors with strict restrictions on publicity, this is just a small sample of our client base. If you require a specific industry reference, please get in touch - we would be very happy to provide you with one.

A leader in pipeline construction
Bucher Leichtbau AG
Aircraft galley design
Porcelain insulator design
Christ Kennicott (now OVIVO)
Water treatment plant design
Gas cooker component design
2D to 3D packaging line design
Jig, tool and boules design
Crane design and automated specification generation
Siemens T&D
Gas insulated switchgear design
Water filtration device design
Viry France
Civil architectural design
ARA Meiringen
Waste water treatment process design
Atlas Copco
Generator, compressor and factory design
Burckhardt Compression
Reciprocating compressor design
Chris Sangster
Clock design with MEDUSA4 Personal
CU Phosco
Industrial lighting design
Graham & Brown
Heat recovery incinerator design
Metz Aerials
Fire apparatus design
Custom precision tool design
Plasticizing machinery and plant design
Sulzer Pumpen
Centrifugal pump design automation
Terumo Cardiovascular Systems
Assembly process design
CEL International (now WSP CEL)
Chemical, pharma and food process plant design